Andrea Gangdal

When did you begin with art and what got you started?

I have always been drawing. My mother always encouraged me, and still does. When i started in primary school i got really competitive about it and wanted to draw what was cool, when i wasn't the best I kind of slowly gave up. About a year ago I took an illustrating class, and it got me started again, also with drawing digitally,

I understood that I did not need to be the best, as long as you make something interesting. Everybody has a different voice.

Where do you draw your inspiration from and what keeps you doing what you do?

I don't really know where my inspiration comes from. I follow a lot of great artist on instagram, witch i sometimes get ideas from when it comes to techniques. But when i get inspired I just get this weird sensation that i need to make something, often when i see good art, but mostly just random. When i feel i have to draw something i usually just start scrolling though instagram or behance and see if i catch this wave of creativity, but I never end up drawing anything like what inspired me.

To be honest I rarely plan what to draw, and I never have a picture in my head before i start. And when I have started, and have made some good lines, I get inspired by myself. Often i just start drawing a nose, an eye or even a vagina, and find inspiration from there. That is what is great working digital and with vectors, no need to plan anything, and i have actually found a lot of creativity in this. This wave is really what keeps me going, i just need to create. Also the fact that I have gained some following, gives me a push to try to create and put out something everyday.

How has being from Norway affected your work?

I was born and have lived all my life in Norway, just outside Oslo. I don't feel The mountains and snow have inspired any of my art. But The fact that it is so cold have given me a lot of inside time to draw, plus a lot of great depressions, witch may eventually have inspired my art.

Tell us more about yourself and your process/mental state for producing work?

I need to be really calm to draw. I don't get how people say they create the best work when depressed. It is important to me to get out of a situation before i can process it into art.

Most of my drawing is about how the situations we take as the most serious are pretty much meaningless. It was also the mindset that helped me get out of a depression and eating disorder. I took life way too serious, and it almost killed me. When i got my shit together, I could start to make art.
— Andrea Gangdal

Has being a woman in contemporary art made things different for you in your society at all?

I am not really sure I am "in contemporary art". But as a woman I have always felt  nothing but encouraged to do something big, from every part of society. And when looking and applying to schools I often see something about prioritising girls/women, and that upsets me a bit. Of course some people see my work and try to analyse it back to me, and they might get some wrong assumptions about who I am and especially my sexuality, and some guys will contact me because of that. But that is really just a very small thing, something I think everyone putting themselves out there experiences. Everything you show society will affect how you are viewed and your opportunities, but it would be really complicated putting that up to being a woman, just because the differences are so minimal.