Ty Williams: A Nomad

I used to think that the dream was to have a studio and make work in a stationary place but I now have come to realize that that is not how I work best. I work better from the road.

Where are you from? Would you consider yourself an artist or just more of an open ended creative?

My name is Ty Williams, I am from the East Coast, I was raised by parents who traveled a lot. I would say that I am a creative person. I like to try a bunch of different things.


Your work perfectly embodies this in such a fun and humored way. What type of mindset brings you into your sauce to make the ideal art for you?

Thanks for the compliment. I work best when I have a bunch of other things I should be doing and I sneak away to create, it seems like when there is a time crunch I seem to make the best stuff. I also like to make stuff after I've traveled or gone somewhere visually exciting.


I read in an interview where you said that your mom gave you art books as a kid for inspiration. Are there people that stand out as creative influences on you?

My mom is still a creative influence today and of course my group of friends are inspiring to me as well. I love early simple illustration, Peanuts and Dr. Seuss, Parisian cartoons, old Playboy comics, reggae and calypso records, little kids art.

It seems that you are always on the road moving about and creating in different places in the world. Is this the ideal situation for you or do you feel a permanent studio has its benefits?

I used to think that the dream was to have a studio and make work in stationary place but I now have come to realize that that is not how I work best. I work better from on the road it's more inspiring that way. When I got a studio I felt like I was avoiding being in it and not using it enough. I like the distractions.


What was the best session you ever surfed?

Every session seems to get better. I don't think I've had my best one yet. I had a pretty magical one in south India last winter though... minus the dirty water. I have been riding a bunch of weird boards lately specifically ones with less fins and that has made sessions exciting.

We love the eclectic mix of collage, illustration, and murals you have done. Is there a medium you have been longing to enter but have been held back from?

I would love to mess more with Ceramics and book making. I just don't love how long it takes to get the final product. I have to wait so long to get a piece back from the kiln it kind of slows me down.


Pile o’ pancakes or breakfast burritos?

Burritos all the way, no question.

Freezing barrels or warm ankle slappers?

I'll take freezing barrels, less crowded and a bigger payoff.

Charles Bradley or Pixies?

Charles Bradley- RIP

Any fun facts about yourself? Interesting qualities that not a lot of people might know?

I just recently had a birthday, mashed potatoes are my favorite food, I'm allergic to cats, I can juggle, I am better in person.